• Find out all about Roman Abramovich’s $1.5 billion boat 

  • See why the Sheikh of Dubai’s yacht is a decadent floating palace

  • Discover why the yacht owned by the president of the UAE is one of the most complex yachts ever made

  • Admire the true beauty of new luxury with the yacht Cloudbreak

  • See why Sybaris is winning all the awards this year

Superyachts are considered the ultimate status symbol, a floating paradise for first class play, and a vessel that can take you to the edge of the earth in complete comfort and style.

From helipads to infinity pools and private concert halls that can host full orchestras, these are the beautiful boats putting the super into superyachts….


A yacht so large it could eclipse the sun; this $1.5 billion boat is owned by Roman Abramovich. At a staggering 536 feet long, the floating world boasts endless extravagances.

On board, you can find 24 ornate cabins for guests, two swimming pools, bubbling hot tubs, two helicopter landing pads, and a private submarine. Alongside the many playful features, the Russian billionaires yacht takes security very seriously.

Eclipse has a missile defence system, armour plating, and even an anti-paparazzi shields to ward of flash photography.


Owned by the Sheikh of Dubai, this lavish 530-foot yacht has space for a fully blown entourage of over 100 guests and costs an eye watering $400 million.

The design of the yacht is impressive for more than its size, with stunning features like a glass stairway that lights up on step and a truly beautiful swimming pool adorned with handmade tiles.

A Landing platform for a Blackhawk helicopter, private movie theatre and a fabulous disco for those late-night soirees make Dubai a decadent place to be out on the water.


This incredibly long superyacht was said to be one of the most complex vessels ever built and is owned by the president of the UAE at a cost of $650 million. At 590 feet long there is plenty of space for guests to spread out.

The interior captures the turn of the century French romance style and hosts 50 cabins. Despite the astonishing feat of her size, little more is known about the superyacht shrouded in secrecy as there is a distinct lack of features showing on the deck space.


Beauty is about more than size when it comes to superyachts and Cloudbreak astonishes thanks to her high tech floating chalet feel. Her owner is young and has a taste for adventure, the yacht boasts her own ski room, impeccable helideck, roaring fireplace, and apparently the largest toy chest in the world.

Alongside those key features you can also find a sauna, massage room, and icy plunge pool. The design holds impeccable taste with hotel like floor to ceiling windows and modern hotel like style.


Sweet Sybaris is the superyacht picking up all the awards this year thanks to her stunning design. The sailing yacht is renowned for her incredible interior and even though she doesn’t stand as large as some of the other yachts on this list at a mere 70 meters, she is an astonishing vision.

Inside, she is all light and space with custom furniture, an open plan main saloon, and floating staircase that leads to the flybridge. With six guest cabins and a designer dining table carved from a 1.7 tonne piece of marble, Sybaris is paving the way for artistic design upon on the seven seas.

Words by: Jodie Oakes