• Surf and play at an underwater nightclub on Niyama Islands in the Maldives

  • Fall in love with beaches and mountains on Lord Howe Island in Australia

  • Take a Point Break tour with Black Tomato in Santa Monica

  • Embrace luxury in between the sets at the Mukul Resort in Nicaragua

Once upon a time the words surf camp may have conjured up visions of grubby dorm rooms, beach bums, and backpacks – the 21st century has seen a shift in the sport. Now, surfing can easily be married with a high-class lifestyle and first-rate travel companies are offering all-inclusive and exclusive stays in some of the dreamiest tropical destinations you can imagine.

From the fast rolling giants of Hawaii to blue bliss and yoga in Bali – these are the surf camps that will make you want to get back on the board…

Niyama Private Islands, Maldives

The Maldives seems to tick all the boxes when it comes to a first-class surfing destination; not only does it boast extravagantly good waves but it also knows how to pull plenty of punches when it comes to luxury accommodation. This lavish resort in the central atolls offers beautiful beach pavilions with private pools where the champagne comes on tap and the candlelight flickers well into the night.

With an underwater nightclub, a marine therapy spa, and speedboat expeditions to some of the best breaks in the world – Niyama can certainly hang ten.

The Capella Lodge, Lord Howe Island

Chic and secluded, Lord Howe Island truly captures the grace of luxury and the glory of pure Australian peeling waves. Nestled beneath some incredible mountains and a stone’s throw away from the beach, you can stay in one of the nine bed suites that come complete with custom furnishing, beautiful private decks, and organic local artwork.

Regional cuisine, the finest wines, and a spa that offers a life changing 3 hours ‘dreaming’ experience, there is plenty to keep you satisfied in-between surfing sessions.

Santa Monica, Black Tomato

Black Tomato is one of the world’s favorite travel agents – especially for the young and the restless who crave adventure and have cash to burn. They offer a ten-day Santa Monica package for surf enthusiasts who want a full beach boys experience.

Not only do you get to stay in a gorgeous boutique hotel a skip away from the Santa Monica pier but you also get the full surfing experience – complete with a videographer documenting your trip, and the opportunity to skydive. For those who are seeking lavish thrills both in the sea and back on dry land – Black Tomato has got you covered.

Mukul Resort, Nicaragua

Nicaragua is quickly becoming the go to destination, particularly for surfers seeking consistent waves and a dollop of central American culture. The Mukul resort is one of the most awe-inspiring spots for luxury travellers with its artisan private beach compound, signature golf course, decadent spa, and bespoke surf packages.

Take the private boat offshore to catch some of the best waves that roll into the secret bays, ask the chef to pack you off with a custom romantic picnic for two, and try a spot of stand-up paddle boarding, yoga and deep-sea fishing in between sets.

Words by: Jodie Oakes