• Take a boat trip in beautiful Bruges

  • Stay in a palace in Jaipur

  • Watch the sunrise on a mountain in Maui

  • Listen to Faro music in Lisbon

There’s no need to wait for a special occasion to whisk away the one you love to candlelit shores. With a private jet, the world quickly becomes your oyster meaning that a change of scene is only a snap of the fingers away. From European cobbled streets to rainforest soaked islands – these places invite lingering glances over delectable dinners, cool cocktails and sizzling sunsets, and stunning backdrops to declare your love.

These are the most romantic places to enjoy by private jet…


Beautiful Bruges with its gentle flowing canals and belfry buildings that glow against a dusky pink night – if you don’t feel a flutter here, few places will impress. You can stroll over Minnewater Bridge hand in hand, duck into one of the charming old-world pubs surrounding the square, and dine on moule frites all day long.

In the warmer months, boat tours chug along the canals meaning that you can snuggle on deck and watch the golden buildings glide past.


The pink city may be a little far flung, but for Indian regality and a rosy hue you cannot find anything finer than Jaipur. The Amber Fort oozes romance with its ornate style and jewel cutters lofts. This is the place for starlit dinners on the ramparts, hot air balloon rides to watch the sun rise, and sipping tea in soft courtyards.

Stay at the Samode Palace for a boutique and regal rest in a spot that has stood draped in romance for five centuries.


Hailed consistently as one of the best islands in the world, Maui is a nature lover’s paradise. For those close to US shores, Maui is a must for a romantic weekend, especially when you are craving a vision of green, gorgeous blue waves, and the sweet scent of hibiscus flowers.

One of the most romantic things to do on the island is to watch the sunrise from the staggering height of Mt Haleakala wrapped in a cashmere blanket. You can also take an epic helicopter tour above the tumbling waterfalls and verdant canopies, and go horseback riding along the surf crashed shores.


Lovely Lisbon with her old-world neighbourhoods, rumbling trams, and cinnamon dusted pasteis de nata cakes – romance abounds on the riverside shores. For a romantic weekend getaway, you can be sure of warm weather, nights out dancing to the fine thrum of Faro music, and train rides to neighbouring Cascais where the ocean blows up against the Cliffside.

Stay at the Palacete Chafariz D’el Rei in old Alfama, Moorish designs, a beautiful bell tower suite with river views and strawberries and salmon for breakfast – Lisbon remains one of Europe’s finest undiscovered gems.

Words by: Jodie Oakes