• Hästens the luxury bespoke bed makers have revealed their first collaboration and it is with Swedish design duo Bernadotte & Kylberg

  • Combining the comfort of the well established brand with the fresh new take on the traditional design

We sleep around a third of our lives. That’s a pretty substantial figure when you start to think about it, especially if you wake up feeling like a few hours more wouldn’t go amiss. It’s strange then that we’d rather spend so much more on clothes, cars and cuisine than sleep.

Granted, unless you have a dash of insomnia falling asleep isn’t exactly strenuous, but who doesn’t want to make the most of that time? Unconscious or not, ensuring that your sleep is comfortable and restful sets up the next day nicely.

The key to a good night’s sleep is the bed. Not exactly a mind-blowing piece of information I know, but given how little thought people generally give to their beds it needs to be said. There are plenty of companies out there to choose from but only one that you should really pay attention to. Hästens are without a doubt the finest beds in the world.

Then again it’s not all about comfort. I don’t wear a three-piece in the height of summer because it’s cool and breezy. The same goes for your bed, especially if you have an eye for interior design. The mattress might be dressed up in whatever livery you care for but the bed as a whole is still a design statement.

That’s precisely why Hästens’ latest collaboration is particularly interesting. With their latest two collaborative releases it seems the Swedish bed-maker is ticking both boxes.

Since the early days of Hästens, over a century and a half ago, their blue check has been iconic – at least in the world of luxury sleep – and has remained all but untouched. At Salon Mobile 2017 however they announced that this immutable facet of the brand was to be re-imagined, and by none other than Bernadotte & Kylberg.

The Swedish design pair has had a hand in everything from unique textiles and fashion to whimsical finger bowls for companies across Europe. Despite their experience this marks their first attempt at a bed, not the kind of project you come across every day. New field or not, the new fabric designs of the Appaloosa and Marwari put any doubts to rest – a very, very comfortable rest.

Appaloosa – named after the American horse breed – gives the traditional check a distinctly modern feel inspired by cubism. It makes full use of the classic Hästens blue and white but interweaves them with two subtly different hues into a striking graphic abstraction. You can easily recognise it as a Hästens bed, just with a contemporary twist.

Moving from American stallions to the smaller Indian breed, Mawari, and the design is considerably different. As rich and dark as well-roasted coffee, the leather-bordered bed is inspired by the woven textiles of the saddle girths used on its namesake horses. A more luxurious piece than the Appaloosa, each bed takes a week to make, showcasing a hand-crafted attention to detail eclipsed only by Hästens opus, the Vividus.

Most brands are nearly always loathe to change their signatures. Burberry’s plaid lining has stayed the same for decades and Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram far longer even than that. For Hästens it’s a gamble that seems to have paid off. At the very least there are plenty of would-be interior designers that will be paying a lot more attention to what they sleep on in the future.

Words by: Sam Kessler