• Each bracelet has a body of ceramic, one of the toughest materials in the world and subsequently equally hard to work with

  • Designs combine luxury, engineering and technology

  • Near Field Communication technology allows contactless payment and unlocking of electronic devices at the flick of a wrist

  • Available in different precious metals and with different patterns imprinted into the ceramic, each limited to just ten examples worldwide

Most men try to avoid jewellery where possible. I know I do; aside from cufflinks and the occasional signet ring, it’s just the kind of accessory that only rock gods and gangsters tend to get away with. As I am quite obviously neither, my wardrobe is understandably lacking in gold and jewels. Even I have to admit however, Armillion is something entirely different.

Armillion makes one thing and one thing only: the world’s most contemporary bracelet. Oh there are plenty of jewellers out there that love overstating their modernity, but they are still just… well, jewellers. The Armillion bracelet goes far beyond.

The basic concept is relatively simple, a bracelet with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology that allows you to pay contactless, open your car as you approach or unlock your phone by proximity. It’s been used before in things like the Senturion meteorite bracelet, but never quite to this degree.

Previous iterations have had nothing but a proximity check and while that might allow you to get into your car or home, anything more advanced was out of reach. Armillion’s technology however allows you to spend up to $200 without thinking about it, guaranteed by Mastercard. This is only the beginning too; NFC is adaptable like few other technologies so you can only expect greater things.

Of course, it’s nothing you can’t do without a smart watch nowadays and with Louis Vuitton showing off their latest version alongside Montblanc and TAG Heuer, luxury isn’t a problem either. So, what does Armillion have that they don’t bother with batteries. Then there’s the style… just look at them!

Armillion’s supercar stylistic cues are obvious at a glance. It’s not simply the shape – though that is reminiscent of a Lamborghini exhaust – but it’s the materials too. Well, one material in particular: ceramic.

Being one of the hardest materials on earth, ceramic is not easy to work with. Even flat, smooth ceramic is difficult to work with and usually only finds a home on high-end watch bezels. Fortunately for Armillion that very use makes their home of Geneva one of the best places for ceramic experts, many of whom helped create the Armillion bracelet.

Ceramic is hard enough that the only thing you should be worried about scratching it on is diamond. As it’s not often that table corners use rare gemstones, you’ll probably be ok. It does however make it all the more impressive that Armillion have managed to ingrain different textures into the black ceramic itself.

As well as the different borders of precious metal – yellow gold, rose gold and titanium – the bracelets come in different patterns, from herringbone-like lines to textures inspired by mosque tiles. If there’s one that particularly catches your eye though, you might want to be quick on the uptake; each is limited to strictly ten examples worldwide.

Luxury and technology aren’t always synonymous with one-another. More often than not they seem like polar opposites. However, by combining high-tech ceramic with an unobtrusive yet actually useful technology, this Swiss jeweller may just have found the perfect balance. It also helps that you’ll look like Armillion dollars.

Words by: Sam Kessler