• Dine at the best restaurant in the world in Spain

  • Taste the difference at the new branch of Noma in Copenhagen

  • Find the best Italian restaurant in humble Moderna

  • Discover Dinner by the most revered English Chefs

  • Linger over French Argentinian fusion in Mirazur

Centuries of history and a glut of home-grown ingredients has marked Europe as a well-thumbed foodie destination. Whether you want to pick tantalizing tapas in Spain or if you prefer the ripe cheeses and chocolate of the French countryside – you can be sure that Europe has a taste to tempt you.

For connoisseurs of cooking, here are the dinner reservations you should be sure to make, even if it means hopping on your private jet for a weekend jaunt to Europe.

El Celler de Can Roca, Spain

Not only the best restaurant in Europe but hailed as the very best restaurant in the world – El Celler de Can Roca is a collector of Michelin stars. Owned by three brothers, the menu is a playful interpretation of a modern take on Catalonian cuisine.

Edible perfume deserts, an onion flower with fine French cheese, and cuttlefish with sake are just a few descriptions of the feasts that have adorned their menu. With a walk-in wine cellar and airy cool space, there is no finer place to dine.

108, Copenhagen

The original Noma may have closed its doors but the beloved brand has relocated to an 18th century warehouse in the chic city of Copenhagen, and is building a movement around farming under a new name. 108 has already collected a Michelin star despite only being open a few short sweet months.

Food comes under the label – New Nordic and is a seasonal selection of sheer beauty. From glazed pork belly with last year’s berries to lumpfish roe in spring and sommeliers with a sophisticated touch, 108 is worth the journey.

Osteria Francescana, Italy

This Italian restaurant is putting the town of Moderna on the map and has queues around the corner, as the world and his wife try to score a table. The chef Massimo Bottura is hailed in the food world as one of the newest gods to join the ranks of chefs like Heston Blumenthal.

The ancient building sets the perfect scene for a delirious dinner of oyster shells, fragrant needle-sharp olive oil, cider sorbet, risotto with orange fumes, and the famous five ages of parmesan dish.

The menu is designed from the dreams and visions of Bottura, the execution artistic and the journey into taste – long and arduous and amazing.

Dinner, England

Heston Blumenthal is considered one of the kings of British dining and his Knightsbridge restaurant is a classic on the London scene. Heston had already made a name for himself with the multi Michelin star winner The Fat Duck, but Dinner was designed to celebrate six centuries of English cooking.

One of the signature dishes is worth the four months wait alone – – meat fruit, a ball of chicken liver parfait served in jelly and carved to look like a mandarin. The tipsy cake with its roast pineapple and brandy is also a beloved star of the show, as is the marbled iberico pork.

Dinner is definitely a place for serious foodies.

Mirazur, France

France has long been hailed as a food lover’s paradise and Mirazur doesn’t disappoint. The Argentinian chef Mauro Colagreco is passionate about technique and flavour as opposed to gambling with new trends, he tends to stick to what he knows best.

Dishes are bright and beautiful and served like tiny pieces of art, from the green pea ragout to the saffron and almond cream orange sorbet. The inclusion of the organic garden ensures that everything on your plate is a picture of nature’s inspiration.

Words by: Jodie Oakes