• See the Saudi Princes private jets

  • Fly in style with the Gulfstream 550

  • Admire Roman Abramovich’s personal aircraft

Having a private aircraft is the ultimate jet set experience. Whether you need to hop over to Tokyo for business meetings or if you just want to swing by New York or Paris for a weekend splurge – with the private jet experience you can travel in style.

Modern jets have come a long way – from plush interiors to conference rooms and fully flat beds, these are the very best jets for the VIP experience…

Airbus A380

For a cool half a billion you could own your very own airbus, just like the Prince Bin Talal. This is more than a mere set of wings however, as the princes poised palace in the clouds boasts a concert hall, a garage for his Rolls-Royce, a Turkish Hammam and even a room for prayer with electronic mats that automatically turn to face Mecca.

The most extraordinary thing about this jet has to be the fact that it boasts a solid gold throne on the inside.

Gulfstream G550

At $60 million dollars, the Gulfstream isn’t the most expensive jet on our list, but it is one of the slickest for those who prefer understated luxury. An utterly sophisticated piece of kit, the Gulfstream can fly from South Korea to Florida without even hitting the 15-hour mark.

Four living spaces offer more than enough comfort for the 18 guests she can carry, and the safety features on this lightweight private jet offer some incredible modern technology including an infrared flight path.

Boeing 747-430

Owned by the Sultan of Brunei, this lavish Boeing 747-430 doesn’t cut corners when it comes to delivering a rich experience. The jet itself cost $100 million but the Sultan wasn’t satisfied with a standard airplane so he invested another $130 million to have it kitted out with gold and crystal throughout the living room, bedroom and marble bathroom.

Boeing 747-81 VIP

The beautiful Boeing 747-81 is more a flying penthouse than a plane. Boasting a stateroom, a lounge, an office and a dining room you couldn’t ask for more amenities when in the air. Rather than the standard reclining chair bed you can sink down into a soft double bed in the master bedroom, experience a steamy hot shower in the lavish bathroom, and hold all your meetings in mid-flight style.

Real estate tycoon Joseph Lau wanted to make something beautiful and he did with this stunning Dreamliner, along with picture perfect style, the plane even boasts its own spiral staircase.

Boeing 737 – 300

Roman Abramovich is renowned across the globe for his deluxe superyacht style, but now he is proving that the sky is the limit when it comes to decadence. With the same missile avoidance technology as air force one and a dining room that can seat thirty people, the Chelsea football team owner doesn’t do things by halves.

Master bedrooms, bathrooms, and spacious lounges also ensure that the ten thousand feet of space are well used and that the football players have plenty of room to spread out.

Words by: Jodie Oakes